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Connecting sleeves for 10 and 35 kV cables with oil-paper insulation and separate metal sheath for each core


The connecting sleeve is designed for 10 and 35 kV single- and three-core shielded cables insulated with paper with flux or viscous oil filling (MI, MIND) with a separate metal sheath for each core.

Connecting sleeve design

A solderless earth fitting connects the armor and the metal sheaths of the three-core cable. Thermoshrink gloves and tubes encapsulate and protect the metal sheaths. An oil-resistant yellow electrical field control mastic shall be wrapped around each end of the metal sheath and transparent, oil-tight tubes shall be planted on the oil-paper-insulated cores. A short conductive tube is planted at the transition of the metallic sheath to the paper-insulated cores to act as a shield. In this way, the paper-insulated cable is transformed into a plastic-insulated cable and the two cables are connected accordingly. A yellow void-filling mastic shall be rolled over the ends of the conductive tubes and the connectors. A Thermo shrinks electric field control tube shall be planted on each cable core at the splice area.
A double-layered Thermo shrinks elastomeric tube shall provide the required insulation thickness and shielding over the insulation. A copper mesh shall be wound over the sleeve at the area where the cores are connected to form a metallic shield for the cable. The metallic sheaths of the cores shall be joined without soldering. The armoring of the three-stranded cable shall be replaced by a steel strap in the sleeve and the outer protection and encapsulation shall be provided by a glass fiber-reinforced sheath. The outer protection and sealing of the single-core cable sleeve shall be provided by a thick-walled Thermo shrink tube with an inner surface coated with a layer of thermosetting glue. The GUSJ sleeve set includes screw connectors. RPKJ and EPKJ coupling kits do not include couplings.

    Couplings with screw connectors

    Couplings for three-conductor cables with steel strap armour

    Rated voltage Uo/U (kV) Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions (mm)
    L               D
    6/10 70-150 GUSJ 24/ 70-150-3HL 1600 120
    120-240 GUSJ 24/120-240-3HL 1600 140
    20/35 70-120 GUSJ 42/ 70-120-3HL 2000 130
    120-240 GUSJ 42/120-240-3HL 2000 150

    Couplings for single core unarmoured cables

    Rated voltage Uo/U (kV) Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions (mm)
    L                  D
    20/35 35-50 GUSJ 42/ 35- 50-1HL 1000 70
    70-120 GUSJ 42/ 70-120-1HL 1000 80
    120-240 GUSJ 42/120-240-1HL 1000 90

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