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RSES, RSSS – shielded crank and straight adaptor system for 10, 12 and 24 kV gas insulated switchgear and transformers with type A (250 A) inputs according to EN 50181

Key features

Possibility of selecting different cross-sectional limits of the cores using screw tips with breakaway head
Exceptional mechanical and electrical properties using composite materials
Reliable installation in the harshest environmental conditions
Shielded socket housing for safe operation
Molded cable adapter with an integrated seal for easier installation
Optional voltage measuring point (VD)
Optional metal housing (MH)

“TE Connectivity (TE) is further expanding its range of exclusive plug connectors with the new generation of TE Raychem shielded elbow and straight RSES/RSSS plug connectors.
“TE Rayschem’s RSES/RSSS shielded elbow and straight socket couplings are designed to connect single core plastic cables to medium voltage gas insulated circuit breakers and other devices using type “A” insulators (according to EN 50180 / EN 50181) for 250A DC. RSES and RSSS socket connectors comply with CENELEC HD 629.1 S2 02/2006 + A1: 2008 and are tested for mains voltages up to 24 kV.
Using a durable EPDM polymer composite for the outer casing and modified silicone rubber for the inner insulation, RSES and RSSS is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in the harshest environmental conditions. At the same time, exceptional electrical properties are guaranteed.
The socket sleeves are shielded and earthed by an external conductive casing layer, ensuring safe and reliable operation. In addition, an improved adapter connection mechanism with an integrated seal speeds up and simplifies the installation process.
With the use of cable gates with breakaway heads, the RSES and RSSS socket couplings are an easy and quick-to-install product for a wide range of cable cross-sections (16 to 150 mm2.) The TE RSES and RSSS socket couplings can be supplied with a capacitive voltage measuring (VD) point to detect the presence of voltage on the cable network, or with a metallic housing (MH) to provide an additional level of safety against electric shock.

Based on the indicators below, TE´s RSES and RSSS sockets have been tested by international requirements (e.g. CENELEC HD 629.1 S2 02/2006 + A1: 2008). According to the indicators shown in the table, the cable lugs have been tested for aluminum and copper conductors according to IEC 61238-1.

Technical details
Cross-section of the cores 16 – 150 mm²
Cable diameter (round, compacted) 4,6 – 15,0 mm
Cable diameter (round, monolithic) 3,5 – 13,8 mm
Insulating diameter of cable 12,7 – 28,5 mm
Maximum voltage 24 kV
Direct current 250 A
Standard impulse level 125 kV
Partial discharge 2 U0 < 3 pc
AC withstand voltage, 5 min 57 kV
DC resistance to voltage, 15 min 76 kV


    Product code for ordering Plug type Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Core insulation diameter (mm)
    12 kV 24 kV
    RSSS-525A Tiesinis 16-70 16 12,7-19,2
    RSSS-525B Tiesinis 95 25-95 17,9-25,0
    RSSS-525C Tiesinis 95-150 70-95 17,9-25,0
    RSSS-525D Tiesinis 70-150 21,9-28,5
    RSES-525A Alkūninis 16-70 16 12,7-19,2
    RSES-525B Alkūninis 95 25-95 17,9-25,0
    RSES-525C Alkūninis 95-150 70-95 17,9-25,0
    RSES-525D Alkūninis 70-150 21,9-28,5

    * Applicable to IEC 60228 for conductor compression classes 1, 2, and 5.
    **Applicable to Al class 1 and Cu class 5 for 25mm2 conductors and Cu class 1 for 10mm2 conductors.


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