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Branch couplings for 10 kV single-core shielded cables with plastic insulation

Based on Raychem’s proven and well-proven medium-voltage coupling technology, we offer a technically and economically feasible solution for the unbundling of single-core plastic-insulated cables. A specially designed screw connector integrated into the coupling ensures fast, simple, and reliable installation. The branch coupling complies with the Raychem PPS 3013 specification.


The branch coupling is designed for 10 kV single-core shielded cables with plastic insulation.

Branch coupling design

The cables shall be prepared in the same way as before the installation of the couplings. Before connecting the cables, the yellow EVM mastic shall be wrapped around the semi-conductive end of the shield and the EVM tube shall be seated. The cores of the three cables shall be connected by a Raychem connector of special design, the screws of which shall have breakaway heads. Special components shall fill the cavities between the branch cables and seal the coupling. The following components are used in the branch couplings as in couplings: a yellow cavity filling mastic wrapped on the coupler, an electric field control tube, and a double-layer elastomeric tube. The copper mesh and the screw connector for the sleeve shield wires replace the cable’s metallic shield. External protection and sealing of the sleeve shall be provided by a thick-walled Thermo shrink tube and a two-finger glove. All connectors are included in the sleeve set.

    Branch couplings with screw connectors for cables with wire screen

    Rated voltage Uo/U (kV) Cross-section of the core (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions (mm)
    L                     D
    6/10 35-95 EPKB 12A/1XU-2XU 550 80
    95-150 EPKB 12B/1XU-2XU 600 90
    185-300 EPKB 12C/1XU-2XU 650 95

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