Gerhard Petri Vilnius UAB


40 kV Class 1 outdoor type surge arresters


Manufactured by IEC 99-4 standard.
The internal part of the arrester structure, consisting of metal oxide varistors and glass fiber-reinforced composite material, is enclosed in a high-voltage polymer housing. Modern thermal sealing technology ensures that there are no voids inside the limiter and guarantees excellent adhesion and sealing between different surfaces. The finished restrictor is a completely seamless unit.
Rated discharge current: 10 kA;
Line discharge class: 1;
High current pulse: 100 kA;
Energy absorption capacity at high current pulse: 5.3 kJ/kV Uc; switching pulse: 2.6 kJ/kV Uc;
Long-term maximum operating voltage: Uc 40 kV;
Rated voltage: Ur 50 kV.


    Key characteristics
    Resistance to bending, Nm 200
    Resistance to pulling, N 1000
    Maximum torque: M12, Nm 58
    Pulse voltage 1,2/50 µs, kV 310
    Industrial frequency voltage: dry surface, kV 195
    Industrial frequency voltage: wet surface, kV 165
    Discharge distance, mm 600
    Leakage path length, mm 1240
    Weight, kg 5,9

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