Gerhard Petri Vilnius UAB


12 kV Class 1 outdoor type surge arresters


Zinc-oxide surge arrester (according to IEC 60099-4, version 2.1)
DA-rated voltage range 4 – 45 kV
Rated (reference) voltage Ur 15 kV
Long-term maximum operating voltage Uc 12 kV
Explosion-proof design
Suitable for use in contaminated environments
Silicone molded directly on the core


    Main characteristics Housing parameters Measuring units
    Housing: silicone Impulse voltage 1,2/50 µs kV 160
    Rated discharge current In: 10 kA (8/20 µs) Industrial frequency voltage:
    Linear discharge class: 1 on wet surface kV 1 on wet surfaces kV 56
    Maximum current pulse: 100 kA (4/10 µs) Height (H) mm 172
    Energy absorption capacity: Overlap distance mm 177
    (IEC 60099-4, 8.5 Chapter) 5,6 kJ/kV Leakage path length mm 404
    Long-term current pulse 325 A (2000 µs) Weight kg 1,35
    Short-circuit immunity: Number of skirts vnt 5
    Rated short-circuit current Isc 21 kA (0,2 s) Bending resistance* Nm 350
    Minimum short-circuit current 600 A (1,0 s) Resistance to pulling N 2000
    Max. torque M12** Nm 50

    * Based on “Thermomechanical and bending moment test IEC 60099-4”
    ** Other enclosure sizes are available – please contact your local TE representative

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