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12 kV 10 kA shielded external “C” cone surge arrester for paired connection

Product features:

Tested to IEC60099-4 (May 2004)
One-piece design
Excellent protection limits
Low residual voltage
Excellent short-circuit characteristics
Excellent TOV characteristics

The shielded solid design surge arrester is a “T” shaped product designed for direct connection to an external tapered insulator in accordance with the requirements of EN50180, or EN50181 – with a “C” type interface for RSTI design up to 41 kV, for paired connection to the rear output of the base shielded connector system.

The insulation of the shielded surge arrester is made of modified silicone rubber, which has a high surface electrical corrosion resistance, is elongated against breakage and is non-flammable.

A thin screen wall is permanently bonded to the insulation and protects the connection system from accidental contact.

The active metal oxide part of the arrester meets the requirements of IEC-60099-4 for isolating and non-operating arresters.

The shielded socket with limiter exceeds the requirements of CENELEC HD 629.1 S 2, which includes BS, VDE and other international specifications.

Simple access to the rear connector with capacitive measuring point.

Several accessories are required for earthing connection and system testing.

The complete set includes a shielded arrester, a threaded core and an earth conductor for three phases to facilitate installation and storage.


Single connection

Parts requirement for three phases: 1 x RSTI-68SAxx10 (one shielded surge arrester kit for connection to a direct insulator).

Paired connection

Detail requirement for three phases: 1 x RSTI-L58xx , RSTI-68xx (basic connection kit) or 1 x RSTI-CC-68SAxx10 (shielded surge arrester kit for paired connection).


1. Shielded housing.

Thin-walled conductive outer shield coated on silicone rubber surface.

2. Inner screen.

A conductive inner layer, similar to a Faraday grid, enveloping the tip of the electrode tip to contain voltage discharges.

3. Built-in nozzle.

A factory-fitted tip of special design facilitates the connection of the surge arrester to a base connector or isolator.

4. Surge arrester core.

The assembled one-piece immediate surge arrester core shall consist of zinc oxide varistors and a rugged external mechanical protection.

5. Grounding lug and grounding conductor.

This is the earthing point for connecting the earth conductor.

6. A recessed connection connector.

The recessed connector shall be tightened with a disc washer and hexagonal nut to ensure excellent electrical and mechanical contact with the base connector or insulator.

7. End plug with measuring point.

Removable end plug with capacitive measuring point.

8. Measuring point.

The measuring point is used to determine the voltage in an electrical circuit. It can also be used for phasing.

9. Conductive end cap.

There is an electrical shield and a surge arrester rear protection.


Plug for cable testing. Order code: RSTI-68TR; length: 310 mm RSTI-68TRL; length: 460 mm RSTI-68TRA; includes 2 short and 1 long test.
Note: The surge arrester must be disconnected when using the test plug.
Plug for cable earthing. Order No.: RSTI-68EA20; ball diameter: 20 mm RSTI-68EA25; ball diameter: 25 mm.

    Technical specifications
    Rated discharge current Iɴ 10 kA
    Maximum current pulse µs 100 kA
    Rated short-circuit current Iѕ 20 kA
    Long-term current pulse (2ms) 212 A


    Residual voltages (kV)
    Long-term work strain Uc 12.0 18.0 24.0 30.0 33.0 36.0 39.0 41.0
    Rated voltage Uʀ 15.0 22.5 30.0 37.5 41.3 45.0 48.8 51.3
    Lightning current pulse 8/20 µs
    5 kA 39.1 58.6 78.2 97.7 107.5 117.3 127.1 133.6
    10 kA 41.5 62.2 83.0 103.7 114.0 124.5 134.9 141.8
    20 kA 45.7 68.5 91.4 114.2 125.6 137.1 148.5 156.1
    Static lightning impulse 1/20 µs
    10 kA 43.9 65.8 87.8 109.8 120.8 131.7 142.7 150.0
    Switching current pulse 30/60 µs
    125 A 31.5 47.3 63.1 78.9 86.8 94.7 102.5 107.8
    500 A 32.4 48.7 64.9 81.1 89.2 97.4 105.5 110.9


    Information for ordering

    Product code for ordering
    Voltage class (kV) 12.0 18.0 24.0 30.0 33.0 36.0 39.0 41.0
    Shielded plug-in surge arrester for connection directly to the insulator leads RSTI-68SA1210 RSTI-68SA1810 RSTI-68SA2410 RSTI-68SA3010 RSTI-68SA3310 RSTI-68SA3610 RSTI-68SA3910 RSTI-68SA4110
    Paired surge arrester for connection to plug-in couplings RSTI-CC-68SA1210 RSTI-CC-68SA1810 RSTI-CC-68SA2410 RSTI-CC-68SA3010 RSTI-CC-68SA3310 RSTI-CC-68SA3610 RSTI-CC-68SA3910 RSTI-CC-68SA4110


    Voltage class (kV) 12.0 18.0 24.0 30.0 33.0 36.0 39.0 41.0
    Lenght L (mm) 285.0 400.0 400.0 520.0 520.0 520.0 530.0 530.0
    Weight (kg)
    RSTI-68SAxxxx 3.5 3.7 3.9 4.1 4.2 4.2 4.3 4.4
    RSTI-CC-68SAxxxx 4.4 4.6 4.8 5.0 5.1 5.1 5.2 5.3

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