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Transition couplings for the connection of 1 kV plastic insulated cables and oil-paper insulated cables


Transition sleeve for connecting armored and unarmoured 1 kV cables with plastic insulation and cables with oil-paper insulation.
Examples: ACBU, AVVG, N(A)YY, AXPK.

Connecting sleeve design

A thermoshrinking glove and oil-resistant tubing are used to transform an oil-paper insulated cable into a plastic one. Thermoshrink tubes with a thermosetting adhesive coating on the inner surface insulate and seal the connectors. The outer heat shrink tubing provides external sealing and mechanical protection of the coupling.

Connecting sleeve with connectors

Includes a non-solderable fitting for the connection of earth and neutral to the aluminum or lead sheath of the oil cable.

Connecting sleeve without connectors

For three-stranded oil cables, a separate earth conductor (not included) must be soldered to the metal sheath.

    Couplings with screw connectors

    Couplings for the connection of three or four-stranded oil-paper insulated cable and four-stranded plastic insulated cable

    Rated voltageUo/U (kV) Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering oil cables Dimensions (mm)
    L                        D
    three-core four-core
    0.6/1 10-35 TRAJ-01/4x 10- 35/4SB 500 50
    25-70 TRAJ-01/4x 25- 70/3SB TRAJ-01/4x 25- 70/4SB 800 70
    70-120 TRAJ-01/4x 70-120/3SB TRAJ-01/4x 70-120/4SB 900 80
    150-240 TRAJ-01/4×150-240/3SB TRAJ-01/4×150-240/4SB 1100 110


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