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Guroflex, an environmentally friendly two-component joint filler


Guroflex is an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, bicarbonate-based, two-component filler that does not require heat treatment. It can be used for all types of underground cables up to 1 kV, i.e. XLPE, PE, PVC, and oil-paper insulated cables. Guroflex has excellent insulating properties, is hydrophobic, and provides reliable corrosion protection. No special protective equipment is required when working with Guroflex. It can also be installed at low temperatures.


The filler is supplied in two-chamber packs or cans. Just before it is poured into the sleeve, the two components are mixed and a change in the molecular structure of the material is initiated by the formation of cross-links. The mixed aggregate can be stored for 3-4 minutes. The sleeve can be buried in the trench immediately after filling with Guroflex.

Technical data

Dielectric strength: Ud > 10 kV/mm
Relative dielectric permittivity: εr ~ 4
Partial resistivity: QD > 1013 cm
Relative density: ρ = 1,22 g/cm3
Minimum storage temperature: -20˚ C
Minimum installation temperature: -10˚ C
Shore A hardness: ~ 20
Storage life: 2 years at 23˚ C
Colour: green

    Product code for ordering Volume
    (~ l)
    (~ kg)
    Suitable quantity for Guro couplings
    Dual-camera package in a can
    GUROFLEX-D035 0,35 0,43 BV-0, BV-1
    GUROFLEX-D055 0,55 0,67 BV-2
    GUROFLEX-D080 0,8 0,96 BAV-2
    GUROFLEX-D140 1,4 1,71 MM-5
    GUROFLEX-D160 GUROFLEX-C160 1,6 1,95 VMY-405, MM-5
    GUROFLEX-D170 GUROFLEX-C170 1,7 2,07 MM-5
    GUROFLEX-D200 GUROFLEX-C200 2,0 2,44 BAV-5
    GUROFLEX-D240 GUROFLEX-C240 2,4 2,93 BAV-6
    GUROFLEX-C370 3,7 4,51
    GUROFLEX-C480 4,8 5,86 VMP-600
    GUROFLEX-C570 5,7 6,95 BAV-C7
    GUROFLEX-C650 6,5 7,93 HMY-661-B, VMY-950

    Note: Other filler quantities are available on request.

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