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End sleeves for 1 kV cables with plastic insulation


End sleeves for armored and unarmoured 3 and 4-core plastic insulated cables.

End sleeve design for plastic insulated cable

The root of the cable is sealed by a Thermo shrink glove, the inner surface of which is coated with thermosetting adhesive. This glove shall be placed over the cores and the end of the outer sheath of the cable. The gap between the cable tip and the insulation of the strand is sealed by a heat-shrink tube with an inner surface coated with thermosetting adhesive. For single-core cables, this tube is sufficient to encapsulate the nozzle. All materials are resistant to UV sunlight and atmospheric agents. The set of end sleeves for armored cables includes a non-solderable earthing fitting consisting of a contact spring and an earthing conductor.

If it is necessary to protect the insulation of the cable cores against UV radiation, insulating CGPT tubes can be ordered separately. All end sleeves can be ordered as a complete set or as individual components.

The kits with modification code -L12 include screw terminals with a bore diameter suitable for M12 screws and -L16 for M16 screws.

    End sleeve sets for three and four-strand plastic insulated cables

    Rear couplings without lugs Rear couplings with screw lugs
    Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering cables Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering cables Dimensions (mm)
    L₃           L₂
    Without armour With strip armour Without armour
    4-35 EVPU 4×4-35-C EVPU 4×4-35-CEE01 6-35 EVPU 4×6-35-S-L12 95 50
    25-70 EVPU 4×25-70-C EVPU 4×25-70-CEE01 25-70 EVPU 4×25-70-S-L12 165 100
    70-150 EVPU 4×50-150-C EVPU 4×50-150-CEE01 50-150 EVPU 4×50-150-S-L12 215 100
    150-400 EVPU 4×120-240-C EVPU 4×120-240-CEE01 120-240 EVPU 4×120-240-S-L12 220 150
    16-35 EVPU 5×16-35-S-L12  150  50
    25-70 EVPU 5×25-70-S-L12  150  100

    Gloves and tubing for end sleeves of plastic insulated cables

    Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering
    Glove                      Insulating tube*
    Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions (mm)
    L₃               L₂
    1,5-10 502S012/S CGPT 9/3-0 1,5-10 MWTM 10/3-50/S 60 50
    4-35 502K033/S CGPT 12/4-0 4-35 MWTM 16/5-50/S 95 50
    25-95 502K046/S CGPT 28/6-0 25-70 MWTM 25/8-100/S 165 100
    50-150 502K016/S CGPT 24/8-0 70-150 MWTM 35/12-100/S 215 100
    120-400 502K026/S CGPT 39/13-0 150-400 MWTM 50/16-150/S 220 150

    * For outdoor use, the cores of the end sleeves can be protected from UV radiation and atmospheric agents by the use of a CGPT insulation tube. The length of the tube depends on local installation requirements. For single-core cables, an encapsulating tube on the lug is sufficient.

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