Gerhard Petri Vilnius UAB


0,6/1 kV screw connectors SV-S-K with 4 screws

Application: for oil and plastic cables.
Voltage: up to 1 kV;
Connector body: mechanically robust aluminum alloy;
screws: electrochemically tin-plated brass;
Connector body: uncoated;
Connector body:
SV-S…: control hole in the center of the connector.

    Name Al, mm² VDE 0295 (rm/sm/re/se) Cu, mm² VDE 0295 (rm/sm/re) L, mm D, mm d, mm Hexagonal key slot
    50150 SV-S-K 50-150 50-150/50-150/- 108 32 19.5 SW19
    150240 SV-S-K 120-240/120-185/120-185/120-185 120-185/120-185/- 128 38 23.5 SW22


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