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RSTI – shielded T-shaped and straight adapter system for 10, 20 and 35 kV gas-insulated switchgear with type C (630 A) inputs according to EN 50181

Raychem shielded adapters are designed for connecting single-core plastic insulated cables up to 42 kV to gas-insulated switchgear cages or other electrical equipment with type C inputs according to EN 50181. It is also possible to connect 2 or 3 cables in parallel at right angles, but in this case, it is necessary to mechanically secure each cable in the cage. Each RSTI adapter is designed for max. 630 A, so several standard RSTI adapters can be connected in parallel to a 1250 A inlet (type C according to EN 50181).
The housing of the adapter is made of modified silicone rubber and is protected by a thick-walled conductive shield on the outside, which is bonded to the ground. Thanks to this construction, the shielded RSTI adapters can be used both indoors and outdoors. Testing of the outer sheath of the cable can be carried out without dismantling the adapter.
The modern design and the perfect choice of materials, together with the special high-quality Raychem screw tip, allow the use of only one adapter set for the most common cable cross-sections.
The shape and dimensions of the adapter allow it to be used even in very tight spaces. For this reason, even paired connections can be made in most standard compact cages.
The shielded Raychem adapters RSTI has an integrated space for capacitive measurements to determine whether the voltage in the cable is disconnected. This capacitive measurement point is protected by a shielded cover.
The shielded cable connection system exceeds the requirements of CENELEC HD 629.1 S1, which includes BS, VDE, and other national standards.


After the cable has been prepared, the lubricated electric field control component is placed on the cable. A high-quality screw tip is installed on the conductor of the conductor, which is suitable for a wide range of conductor cross sections. Installation of the tip is quick and easy – the screws are tightened until the heads come off. The lubricated shielded adaptor housing is easily snapped on top. It is secured to the input insulator of the electrical installation using a threaded core and washer. The remaining open end of the adapter shall be sealed with a rear plug or fitted with a special connecting plug for the parallel connection of two cables.

Dual connection

If it is necessary to connect two cables in parallel using the RSTI-56 or RSTI-76 series adapters, a standard ‘T’ adapter, and a paired adapter must be ordered. This installation requires a space of 290/105/285 mm L/d/H. If two cables need to be connected in parallel using the RSTI-x6L series, two T-adapters, and a mating plug must be ordered. This installation requires a space of 365/175/300 mm D/d/H.

    Rated line voltage Uo/U (kV) Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Cores for insulation diameter (mm)
    Basic adapter Paired adapter
     6/10 35-95 RSTI-5851 RSTI-CC-5851 12,7-23,4
    95-240 RSTI-5853 RSTI-CC-5853 17,0-32,6
    185-300 RSTI-5855 RSTI-CC-5855 21,2-34,6
    400 RSTI-3951 RSTI-CC-3951 28,9-36,4
    500 RSTI-3952 RSTI-CC-3952 28,9-36,4
    630 RSTI-3953 RSTI-CC-3953 34,0-45,4
    800 RSTI-3954 RSTI-CC-3954 34,0-45,4
    12/20 35-70 RSTI-5851 RSTI-CC-5851 12,7-23,4
    95-240 RSTI-5854 RSTI-CC-5854 21,2-34,6
    185-300 RSTI-5855 RSTI-CC-5855 21,2-34,6
    400 RSTI-5951 RSTI-CC-5951 34,0-45,4
    500 RSTI-5952 RSTI-CC-5952 34,0-45,4
    630 RSTI-5953 RSTI-CC-5953 39,1-59,0
    800 RSTI-5954 RSTI-CC-5954 39,1-59,0
     20/35 35-95 RSTI-6851 RSTI-CC-6851 22,4-35,5
    95-150 RSTI-6852 RSTI-CC-6852 22,4-35,5
    120-240 RSTI-6853 RSTI-CC-6853 28,9-42,0
    185-300 RSTI-6855 RSTI-CC-6855 28,9-42,0
    400 RSTI-6951 RSTI-CC-6951 34,0-45,4
    500-630 RSTI-6952 RSTI-CC-6952 39,1-59,0
    800 RSTI-6953 RSTI-CC-6953 39,1-59,0

    Note: retrofit kits for three-core cables are available on request.

    Included: shielded adaptor housing, electric field control component, screw nozzle, fixing screws, threaded core, end plug, grease, and installation instructions in Lithuanian. Includes materials for 3 phases. Unsoldered earthing fittings for cables with strip shielding are ordered separately. The design of the adapter for removing the semi-conductive insulation shielding allows the use of any shielding removal tool that leaves at least 40 mm of semi-conductive shielding at the end.

    Unsoldered earth fittings for cables with aluminum or copper shield strips

    Core cross-section (mm²) for cables with rated voltage Uo/U Product code for ordering
    6/10 kV 8,7/15 kV 12/20 kV
    35-120 35-120 35-120 SMOE 62871
    95-400 70-300 50-240 SMOE 62872

    Note: Unsoldered earth fittings must be ordered separately (one set of earth fittings per RSTI adapter). The SMOE kit includes 3 contact springs, 3 earthing conductors, and a copper grid.

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