Gerhard Petri Vilnius UAB


Insulation-piercing branch clamps for connection to non-insulated overhead lines


RDP 25/CN;

Purpose and technical characteristics:

RDP 25/CN: These transition terminals allow the connection of
uninsulated aluminum or copper overhead line conductors with
insulated low-voltage overhead lines. The terminals, which contain
uninsulated main wire and insulated branch
are connected at the same time and shall have a cut-through
insulation and encapsulation of the branch conductor.
Connecting the branch conductor through independent connection terminals,
the conductor’s insulation
the insulation of the conductor shall be removed. The 13 mm screws are tightened
until their heads are broken off.

CDR/CN: Suitable for aluminum and copper wires;
For connection of uninsulated conductors on the contact
The groove on the surface of the connection plate is also suitable for small cross-sections
For wires with a small cross-section;
The screws are insulated from live contact
blades, so that the clamp can be safely installed without disconnecting
The clamp can be removed without removing the voltage;
Exceeds the requirements of the NFC 33020 standard;
No drop-out components, rear cap
The end cap is attached to the housing;
The insulating material is made of weatherproof
and UV-resistant, glass fiber reinforced
The contact blades shall be made of alloyed copper and
the bolts are made of specially treated steel.

    Name Conductor cross-section (mm²) – non-insulated Conductor cross-section (mm²)-insulated Screws Moment (Nm) Weight (kg/100 pcs.)
    RDP 25/CN* 7-100^ 16-35 1xM8 12  13.5
    CDR/CN 1S 95 UK* 7-100 25-95 2xM8 16  26.5
    KZ31/70 CNA** 22-75 Al^^ 35-70 1xM8/1xM10 11/10  24.0
    KZ31/70 CNU** 7-48 Cu 35-70 1xM8/1xM10 11/10  24.0

    Other sizes on request
    * Branch terminals where non-insulated main and insulated branch wires are connected at the same time (the branch wire is connected by piercing the insulation).
    ** Independent connection branch terminals where the uninsulated main lead and the insulated branch lead are connected separately (the branch lead’s insulation must be removed beforehand).
    ^ Equivalent diameters from 3 to 13.5 mm. For the connection of non-insulated aluminum wires of equivalent dimensions, a type P2X, KZ2 branching clamp may also be used.
    ^^ Equivalent diameters from 6 to 11 mm. The terminals can disconnect and reconnect the branch wire without disconnecting the main line. CNA is suitable only for aluminum uninsulated main wires and CNU only for copper uninsulated main wires.

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