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Branch couplings with Guroflex filler for 1 kV cables with 35-240 mm² cross-section and plastic insulation


The branch coupling is designed for unarmoured 3½- and 4-conductor 1 kV cables up to 240 mm2 in cross-section, plastic insulated.
Examples: N(A)YY, N(A)YBY, AXPK, ВВГ, АВВГ.

Connecting sleeve design

The impact-resistant housing of the coupling shall be made of transparent polypropylene (MM5) or polycarbonate (BAV), and shall be fitted with polymer seals at the cable entries and a snap-lock mechanism. The housing is extremely robust and can be easily and quickly installed without additional correction for cable diameter. The Movas can be ordered with or without Hellstern compact ring terminals. Guroflex filler is available in a two-chamber package (D) or a can (C). The design of the coupling allows the filler to be poured in different positions. The sleeve is designed for cables with a diameter of 27-65 mm.

Abbreviations for conductor types:

sm: sectorial multi-wire
se: sectorial monolith
rm: round multi-strand
re: round monolith

    Branch couplings with ring branch clamps Hellstern

    Rated voltage Uo/U (kV) Cross-section of the cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions of the coupling (mm)
    L                    H
    Main cable neutral Branch cable
    rm,sm/re,se rm,sm/re,se rm,sm/re,se
    Branch couplings for 4-conductor cables
    0,6/1 35-70/50-95 6-50/6-70 MM-5-GD-4874 295 175
    70-120/95-150 6-50/6-70 MM-5-GD-6875 295 175
    150/185 6-70/6-70 BAV-6-GD-6878 348 203
    185/240 6-70/6-70 BAV-6-GD-6879 348 203
    240/- 6-70/6-70 BAV-C7-GC-6880 484 212
    95-120/120-150 10-95/16-120 BAV-C7-GC-6877 484 212
    Branch couplings for 3½-core cables
    0,6/1 70-120/95-150 35-70/50-95 6-50/6-70 MM-5-GD-4875.3 295 175
    150/185 70/70 6-50/6-50 BAV-6-GD-6878.3 348 203
    185/240 95/95 6-50/6-50 BAV-C7-GC-6879.3 484 212
    240/- 120/120 6-50/6-50 BAV-C7-GC-6880.3 484 212

    Note: L is the length of the coupling, and H is the height of the coupling.

    Branch couplings without branch clamp

    Rated voltage  Uo/U (kV) Diameter of the cable (mm) Max. diameter of branch clamp  (mm) Cross-sections of the cable cores (mm²) Product code for ordering Dimensions of the coupling (mm)
    L                    H
    Main/ branch main branch
    0,6/1 27-55/16-36 105 4×35-150 4×6-70 MM5-GD 295 175
    30-58/16-40 115 4×50-185 4×6-95 BAV6-GD 348 203
    45-65/16-50 140 4×120-240 4×6-150 BAVC7-GC 484 212

    Note: The sleeve is selected according to the diameter of the cable and the dimensions of the branch terminal. The cross-sections are selected for cables according to CENELEC HD 603 for use with compact ring terminals. For more information on Hellstern ring terminals see page 65. L – length of the coupling, H – the height of the coupling.

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