Gerhard Petri Vilnius UAB


BPC hermetically sealed insulated screw connectors for subscriber lines


wire insulation piercing; wire insulation removed before installing the connector.

Type 1.

These hermetically sealed insulated screw-type connectors are suitable for all types of low-voltage insulated overhead lines, as well as for subscribers’ entrances and street lighting wiring. They are used when a subscriber line is replaced or a customer is reconnected after having paid the arrears for the electricity supplied. A back cap is included to protect the open side of the connector. The screws (13 mm) of the connector shall be tightened until their heads are broken off. Two versions are available:- with a contact that pierces the insulation of the wire,- with pre-removable insulation.

Type 2.

Suitable for aluminum and copper, monolithic and multi-wire cables; The connector, designed for pre-insulated cables, can be switched on and off under load (max load 90 A); Polymer screws allow safe installation in lines without disconnecting the voltage; Hermetic tested in a water bath, with a voltage of 6 kV for 30 minutes; Exceeds the requirements of NFC 33020 and NFC 20-540 standards; No components that can fall out and get lost, as the end cap is attached to the housing; Connector for pre-insulated wires can be reconnected and connector for insulation punctures cannot; Insulating material is made of a weatherproof and UV-resistant, glass-fiber reinforced polymer.

    Name Cross-section, (mm²) min Cross-section, (mm²) max Type Imaks.* (A) Moment (Nm) Weight (kg/100 pcs.)
    BPC 35-35 4 35 insulation removed/insulation removed 90 10 8.5
    BPC 35-P35 4 35 stripped insulation/piercing 90 10 8.5
    BPC P35-P35 4 35 piercing/piercing 10 8.5